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   No 19  Somebody Forgot to Tell Job

Readers of the Book of Job notice something peculiar right from the outset―Job was never told what was going to be happening to him. No one told him about the conversations in heaven between the Lord and Satan, and the part he would be playing in their controversy. It would seem vitally important for Job to know the plot of the story since he was the main character. Did someone forget to tell him? Was silence on the part of all intentional?

Notice when reading the accounts of the two Heavenly Sessions (Job 1:6-22 and 2:1-8), that there is much talk about Job, but no talking to Job.

God Could Not Warn Job
What if God had secretly taken Job aside (and whispered in his ear) to warn him what was going to be happening to him? What if God had said”Job, look. Some really bad things are going to happen to you. Terrible things. You’re going to be overwhelmed by everything. But I want you to know that if you will just hang in there and keep your faith in Me, you will come out of this victorious. Just know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Trust Me, Job. Everything is going to be alright at the end. I’ll take care of you. I’ll make it alright at the end. All this will have a good ending for you. Just keep your faith."

What if God had made such an appeal to Job? It would have destroyed the test. Right from the gitgo it would have proven Satan’s accusations to be true. No contest! Satan could have charged God with stacking the cards and cajoling Job to remain faithful. Had Job agreed and gritted his teeth in acquiescence and went through the test knowing that God was “going to make it alright at the end,” it would have been enough evidence alone to prove that Job was, in fact, serving God for selfish and wrong reasons. Satan’s charge of faith for hire would have been demonstrated.

Satan was Not Going to Tell Job
Why? It’s obvious. Satan is not going to reveal his strategy (how this contest was calculated to strike God at the heart of His character). What general could ever win a battle when revealing his battle strategy? Had Satan done so, this would have caused Job to run to God for protection. Job would have pleaded to God for His intervention.

The Loyal Angels Could Not Tell Job
Why? They knew what would be at risk to do so. A house divided against itself cannot stand.
The Beings of the Unfallen Worlds that Were Present Could Not Tell Job
Why? They were observers―not participants in this controversy. Their role was to witness. As witnesses, their role is crucial.

If Job Had Known What We (the Readers) Know . . . 
It may seem unfair that Satan and all his legions should be concentrated and unleashed against one lone man. Job was completely in the dark about the challenge made in heaven. He had no idea he had been selected to be the principal player in a great contest between God and Satan. He had no idea why he was facing such fire. He spends his time trying to discover what we know. If Job had known the reasons behind his severe testing, he could not have proven his full devotion to God for God’s sake?

What If He Had Been Told?
I have a friend who has a favorite expression that goes like this: "Anybody can stand on their head for a year." Job could have endured anything if he knew God was going to fix it all at the end. Telling him would have tainted the outcome. Had God done this it would have proven Satan’s point that Job serves God because of what God did for him. Satan had asserted that "Job doesn’t serve You because of Your holy character, but because he’s getting richer and richer by the day. He doesn’t do it because of love. He does it because of greed. If You stop doing all this good stuff for him, he will turn his back on You faster than he could slam a door in Your face. He knows he’s living in a tub of honey. He knows he’s protected by the hedge of Your watch care."

It would have won Satan’s argument against God―that Job did in fact serve God for rewards.

Job Must Never Never Never Know
Job must never know about these conversations which occurred in heaven. He had to be in the complete dark about what was happening―what was going on. And even when the Book of Job closes, Job still never knows. No one ever told to him. But we know. The reader of the Book of Job knows. We have the advantage. If we fail to understand this point and appreciate its significance, we will miss the teachings of the Book of Job right from the outset. That Job didn’t know is one of the keys in understanding the Book of Job.

How much easier it would have made Job’s experience if someone could have told him the truth. If only he had had the backstory. If someone could have whispered in his ear, “Job, what is happening to you is not punishment for your sin. God still looks upon you as a perfect man. This trial in not because God has turned against you. God is just the same toward you today as He was yesterday. He has not changed. This is all the work of Satan. You are being permitted to be an object lesson for the whole universe for all time. You must not fail God now.”

What a difference those few words would have made to Job! But, at the same time, it would have spoiled his wonderful testimony and the comfort and courage he has brought to millions upon millions of believers since that day!

Though it was God’s purpose that Job should pass through his hard experience trusting where he could not trace, we, each, today, are privileged to bring the comfort of Job’s victory to our own hearts and our family, friends and neighbors in the hour of their trial! We can tell them that God is not punishing them and that He loves them with such an unchanging love! That His love surrounds them in their hour of dire need.

And in the hour of incomprehensible trial that we may find ourselves facing, we may find infinite comfort and strength in remembering that it is not God who is afflicting our soul. It may be He has permitted this trial to come to us because He knows we will bear it bravely, and live to witness His sustaining grace.

We know whence our trial comes.
We are fortunate.
Job never---knew---yet he triumphed!


If Job had known about the conversations between Jesus and Satan
        It would have negated all.
        It would have ruined everything.
        It would have answered nothing.

If Job had known about the conversations between Jesus and Satan
        The Book would never have been written.
        The Book would have been pointless.
        The Book would have been worthless.

If Job had known about the conversations between Jesus and Satan
        It would have caused greater problems.
        It would have backfired and hurt God Personally.
        This is the reason WHY Satan is there in heaven in the first place.
        He wants to put a crack in God’s character.
        God’s own character would be in crumbles at His feet.
        God’s government would have fallen apart.
        Satan would be victorious in the Great Controversy.
        He could never be ultimately destroyed.
        God would have to have made provisions for him to live somewhere eternally.

It would be pointless to have a whole universe of beings in open rebellion against God and God not being able to do anything about it. So this universe with our world would have had to be “put down” (destroyed). God would be a failure.

Job did not save the universe. Job saved nothing but his own soul, as, we, each, must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12). And even this is through God's grace. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure (Phil 2:13). What Job did do was stand for God though the heavens fell around him. And God knew he would do just that. That is why the Lord drew Satan's attention to Job when he said, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? (Job 1:8).

In the near future, and soon it shall be, that each one of us will face remaining true to God though the heavens around us are falling. By His grace, I wish to so stand. Don't you?

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