Friday, May 19, 2023

No 4  The First Book is for the Last People

I accept the old-school thought that Job was probably the 

first Bible book written. Being archaic does not discount its 

relevancy for today. The Book of Job has more to say about 

the universe than any other book in the Bible. It is followed 

closely by David’s Psalms. Both of these men were on a 

quest to find God. And in their search they discover more 

about the heavens, worlds, stars and constellations than the 

other writers combined. They discover how nature works and 

natural law guides. There is much space-age stuff in their 

books to compete with any marvelous comic book and 

today’s nether-world movies.

For Job, there was a lot of backward turning--to the “good 

ole days”--and how it used to be. But it may fairly be said 

that from the days of his calamities, Job spent a lot of time 

walking around in his future as well as he did looking in his 

past. We can do that as well. Time becomes inconspicuous 

when searching for God.

Looking for God 

Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

Earth becomes very small when looking throughout the 

universe for God. Job talked as readily about Arcturus, 

Pleiades, and Mazzaroth as he did sand, water and air. 

The immensities of the universe was the setting for Job’s 

search. Somewhere out there was God, and Job was 

determined to find Him (again). That word again (ending 

the last sentence) will have rich meaning as this study 



Sometimes it’s harder to find something you’ve lost the 

second time. Sometimes it’s easier. It’s either vastly harder 

or vastly easier, it seems. For Job it was harder. It usually is 

that way when you are hurting. Physically. Mentally. 

Spiritually. But he does find God!

The Last of Time

I am going to suggest that it will be harder for the people 

of the last days of time. Why? Because never a genera-

tion will hurt like that generation will hurt. Physically. 

Mentally. Spiritually. The depths of Job’s hurt, in his day, 

may be likened unto their hurt in the day coming. Theirs 

is also the generation that is least likely to look up and 

see the Big Dipper and to know the difference between a 

star and a planet in the night sky. And why in the world is 

there such a creature as a duckbill platypus and a dung 


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